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Welcome to The GO-GO Food Co.

The Go-Go Food Co. food trucks and event catering services offer a new and unique take on traditional Canadian- and Italian-style cooking in Niagara.


Lorenzo Lucchetta, founder and chef of The Go-Go Food Co., has always been passionate about great food and cooking.

But it was watching the movie Chef (2014) that first inspired his interest in the food truck game.

Soon, he found himself on a mission to establish his very own food truck right here in Niagara – and he hasn’t looked back since.

  • My goal was very simple: to bring delicious food, cooked with simple, fresh ingredients, directly to the people of Niagara... wherever they are!
    - Chef Lorenzo

In June 2015, Lorenzo launched his first food truck.

The new Go-Go Food Co. tricked out short bus, with its 22-foot kitchen trailer, took to the streets of Niagara, drawing crowds with the delectable scents that wafted from within.

Growing & Thriving

Lorenzo's first food truck was an enormous hit from its first outing! Fans of its tasty homestyle Italian cooking ranged across Niagara, Hamilton and beyond.

And, in December of 2015, Lorenzo was ready to expand and diversify his new business, bringing even more great home-cooked food to Niagara.

With a plan to eventually have multiple trucks, he rebranded as The Go-Go Food Co., and put two themed food trucks on the road – Cucina a Go-Go and Canadiana a Go-Go.

Chef Lorenzo's two food trucks represent two very different culinary styles, but are based on the same simple principles: fresh ingredients, skillful cooking and delicious, homestyle comfort food.

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