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Write a Blog They Said!

Write a Blog They Said! Well, here I sit with IPad in hand, for hours....contemplating what I should write about. How I should write it. Structure? Is it it good. Does it catch interest? Do I have a good layout? FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! TRUCK! TRUCK! TRUCK! All these things going through my head about writing a blog! In the words of the most infamous Charlie Brown.....AAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHH!

It's easy! That's what I kept telling myself. I have so much content, so much to write about, so many stories and experiences to share. So just start typing, let it all flow. Right? Right!

I decided quite simply that I was a good story teller, to my friends and comrades etc, etc that all I need to do is make the same happen, just in this forum known as Blog! I'd rather it be known as The Cookbook, cause that way you will always be thinking of going to The Cookbook to see what's cookin!

So, now prepare yourselves for some fun reading, as I will be doing some heavy duty writing, to entertain, to educate, to fulfill. I've decided that I want to recount some of our fun experiences we've had so far this season and then I want to share some recipes with all you GoGO guys and girls and see what other kind of fun we can have with this blog aka The Cookbook!

So, without further rambling, I thank you for sharing in this with me and The GoGo Team. Stay tuned for more!

chef LzO

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